03 Frequently asked questions

How Long Does Wild Rift Boosting Takes?

While there’s no specific time frame for Wild Rift boosting, as this will vary depending on the win rate, we usually achieve a division boost per day as standard, or up to 4 divisions per day with a high win rate.

How Can I Register on WriftBoost?

Registering on WriftBoost is easy! Once you’ve placed an order, you will get an email sent automatically to the provided email address, providing you with information about your login information.

Can I Make Changes to my Order?

After you’ve placed your order, send us an email or contact us by live chat and we’ll do our best to help with this alteration.

How do I Place an Order with WriftBoost?

If you’re ready to place an order with our team, then there’s just two easy steps to follow. First, choose your preferred boosting solution, customizing your order with the right number of levels and any extras. Then, you’ll want to finalize the payment – and you’re done. If the order’s gone through fine, we’ll crack on with work on your account within six hours. Express priority orders begin work even sooner!

How do Wild Rift Boosting Discounts Work with WriftBoost?

Our discount plans increase as you spend more, meaning that customers with larger orders get the best possible discounts anywhere online! So, the greater the number of divisions or ranks you choose to have your account boosted by, the better the savings! You can move the sliders on our website to find the best discount for your needs!

What is WriftBoost?

Our team here at WriftBoost specialize in providing top-quality Wild Rift elo boosting and mobile Rift boosting services for clients in North American, Oceania, and Europe. Our solutions are designed to help offer options for players wanting to boost their account’s ranking by boosting the account standing in ranked queues. Work smarter, not harder!